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Mark O'Donnell: Royal Blind aim to end loneliness

Tackling the scourge of loneliness in society requires political will and leadership, and Royal Blind and Scottish War Blinded have commended the Scottish Government for the beginnings of this through developing a ground-breaking national strategy to

Lolly's Story

"Lolly is now a confident child despite the trauma she has been through in her young life, she has come on so well at the Royal Blind School. "

Will's story

Kidscene is an after school club and holiday service for children with and without disabilities between the ages of 5 and 16. Will has made several friends while attending and is no longer so shy.

Kirin's Story

Kirin Saeed is a Braille Proof Reader at the Scottish Braille Press which is run by Sight Scotland.

Royal Blind School - Ciaran's Story

Ciaran Vassie is a determined young man.  Ciaran channelled his determination into learning karate in 2019, thanks to some assistance from the Royal Blind School’s residential care workers.

Royal Blind School - Andrew's story

Andrew Pettigrew excelled in his studies at the Royal Blind School. After seven years of schooling, Andrew is readying himself for the University of Strathclyde.

Jeannette's story

Jeanette Simon has been staying at Braeside House since March 2018. Jeanette says the care she receives at Braeside House care home is top quality.

Jamie's story

Jamie has boundless energy, so he loves making use of Forward Vision’s facilities. Jamie is a resident at Morlich House, one of Forward Vision’s three residential care units for adults with vision impairments and additional complex needs.

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Our new names

We are proud to announce the new names of our two sister charities and share why we changed our names. We’ve continually adapted to ensure we're there for people with sight loss, and will be there in the future too.

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For more than 225 years, we have been supporting people with sight loss and blindness. We are one of Scotland's oldest charities and we're dedicated to empowering people with visual impairments to lead fulfilling lives.

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