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We want to show people what life with sight loss can look like when you have the right support.

If you or someone you know are struggling with their sight, we don't want them to face it alone. Get in touch today and we can provide vital support. 

Transform the lives of future generations by leaving a gift in your Will to us


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Pave The Way

In August 2023, the then Minister for Transport confirmed phase one of the tactile paving at 18 stations was completed in March 2022. Network Rail pledged to work with Scotrail to install tactile paving on all remaining rail platforms in Scotland by the end of 2023.

This deadline has been and gone and the remaining seven train stations in Scotland without tactile paving are no safer.

Write to the Cabinet Secretary for Transport.

Your Will Power

Leaving Sight Scotland a gift in your will can help fund research to tackle genetic eye conditions and provide specialist care for those with sight loss.

Use your #WillPower to transform the lives of future generations.

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Support for you

Our free support line is for anyone impacted by sight loss.

If you're looking for support for yourself, a loved one or someone you support, our team can be there for you.

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Glaucoma awareness month

January marks Glaucoma awareness month. Over 700,000 people suffer from Glaucoma across the UK and most won't know they have the disease. 

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