We provide care and support that empowers people affected by sight loss in Scotland. We do this because everyone with sight loss deserves the opportunity to lead a fulfilling life.

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Our Support Line is a free, confidential service for families and carers of people with sight loss in Scotland.

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What we do

  • We provide care and support that empowers people affected by sight loss in Scotland.

  • We fund research into cures and treatments for blindness and sight loss.

  • We campaign for equal opportunities for people with sight loss to participate fully in society. 

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We can't increase our impact without your support. By donating, raising funds at an event, or letting more people know about us, you'll play a part in our journey. 

Our vision is a Scotland where no one feels alone in tackling the challenge of sight loss. 

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Lolly's Story

Lolly lost her sight suddenly at the age of two. Thanks to her family's decision to send Lolly to the Royal Blind School, she is now a confident child who enjoys the therapies which enable her to thrive and get involved in everyday school life. 

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About us

For more than 225 years, we have been supporting people with sight loss and blindness. We are one of Scotland's oldest charities and we're dedicated to empowering people with visual impairments to lead fulfilling lives.

Our new names

We are proud to announce the new names of our two sister charities and share why we changed our names. We’ve continually adapted to ensure we're there for people with sight loss, and will be there in the future too.