Weekly cash prizes

Every week, you'll be in with the chance of winning some fantastic cash prizes. For just £1 per week, make a difference to the lives of people with sight loss whilst being in with the chance of winning fantastic cash prizes!

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How does the lottery work?

For every £1 you play, you'll be given a unique 6-digit number. Every Friday, a winning number is drawn at random. If you match three or more digits in the same position as the winning sequence, you win a prize! 

  • Six digit match - £25,000
  • Five digit match - £1,000 
  • Four digit match - £25
  • Three digit match - five free entries into the next draw 

For every £1 entry to choose to play, you'll receive a unique 6-digit lottery number. Your lottery number will remain the same for as long as you choose to play for. 

Phillip's story

Phillip, aged 42, has the hereditary sight loss condition, retinitis pigmentosa. After having to give up his much-loved career, Phillip was struggling to admit and come to terms with the impact of losing his sight. Phillip was at a really low point, he had no one to talk to or any help.

Phillip contacted our Family Support Line, now he has the support he needs to move forward with his life.

By playing our lottery you’ll be supporting our Family Wellbeing Service and helping us to be there for more people like Phillip, exactly when they need us.

Image is of Phillip sitting in his home, he is wearing red tinted glasses.

Play today and help us to ensure no one faces sight loss alone

By playing our lottery, you'll be helping us to support people of all ages throughout Scotland who are struggling with the impact of sight loss. 

For just £1 a week, you can join us on our journey to ensuring no one faces sight loss alone. 

We're here to help people with sight loss live a full life without barriers, but we need your help. 

Play our lottery

Be in with the chance of winning, sign up today.

Our lottery is hosted by Unity, a fundraising lottery platform. You can join our lottery by signing up to play via the Sight Scotland lottery page on Unity.

Once you've selected Sight Scotland as your chosen charity, choose how many £1 entries you would like, then press 'Play Now' to get started. 

Click to join online by Direct Debit or Debit Card, or download a postal form. Your lottery numbers will be sent to you in the post, and Unity will let you know when you start playing.

To play, visit www.unitylottery.co.uk/causes/sight-scotland.

You must be over 18 years of age to play the lottery. View the full lottery rules.

If you win, you'll be contacted by Unity Lottery and your prize will be sent to you automatically, so you don't have to worry about claiming your prize. 

The draw takes place every Friday. If you would like to check your numbers, visit www.unitylottery.co.uk and submit your six number sequence into the 'Feeling lucky?' section.

You can also check our Sight Scotland's social media channels every Friday for the winning numbers!

Good luck!

For every £1 played, at least 50% (50p) goes directly to Sight Scotland. The rest is split between prizes and administration costs. 

Of the remaining 50%, 18.4% goes to prizes and 31.6% on expenses and administration costs. 

It costs £1 per entry into the lottery. You choose how many entries you would like to play each week. You get a unique six digit lottery number for every £1 entry you play with. 

The weekly cost for the lottery will appear on your bank statement as 'Unity' followed by your lottery number. 

Unity offers the best odds of any platform of its kind. Because it’s a number match game, the odds are fixed. This means that every lottery number has an equal chance of winning a prize, no matter which cause you’re supporting.

 3 digit match = 1 in 69

4 digit match = 1 in 823

5 digit match = 1 in 18,518

6 digit match = 1 in 1,000,000

All players have a 1 in 63 chance of winning any prize

Sight Scotland’s lottery is provided by The Unity Lottery, a fundraising lottery platform operated by Sterling Management Centre Ltd. Unity Lottery is registered as an External Lottery Manager by the Gambling Commission under the Gambling Act 2005.

Sight Scotland is licensed by The City of Edinburgh Licensing Board under the Gambling Act 2005 and The Small Society Lotteries Regulations 2007, lottery registration number 467992.  

Please gamble responsibly: begambleaware.org