You can help fund groundbreaking research

Losing your sight at any age can turn your world upside down. But it needn't be like that. Please stand by our side on this journey by including a gift in your Will to Sight Scotland.

We see a future where more people will be spared the devastating effects of sight loss.

Gifts in Wills can fund the ground-breaking research that will lead to improved diagnoses, better treatments and care for people with sight loss. We believe it may even be possible to cure certain conditions. 

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The son of one of my closest friends has been supported by Sight Scotland for many years. I know about the many struggles Charlie and his family have faced because of his sight loss.  

But I also know how Sight Scotland have helped him emotionally and practically, and opened doors that would normally have been shut. 

That’s why I’m including a gift in my Will to the charity. I want to help future generations receive the same high level of support as Charlie. 

I want to help fund research that leads to new treatments that cure sight loss.

- Shirley, Edinburgh

Our Promise to you 

  • We understand that family and friends will always come first when you write your Will  

  • We understand it’s totally up to you whether you tell us you’re leaving a gift to Sight Scotland  
    But if you do tell us, it will help us plan for the future and inform you about our work in the best way

  • We’ll use your gift wisely and make sure it has the greatest impact possible 

  • We’ll answer your questions fully and honestly, so you always feel informed 

  • If you do pledge to leave us a gift in your Will, this promise is not legally binding 

  • You can change your mind at any time about a gift you’ve left to us in your Will  

  • We will always respect your privacy and never pressure you for information. 

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