Lived experience reveals the messy, unfiltered bits that connect us on a human level.

Embracing our work to be led by those who live it brings out the emotional, challenging, and positive experiences that shape a visually impaired person's perspective. Learning from and listening to lived experience enhances our collective capacity to comprehend, appreciate, and address the real issues experienced by a person who is born with no sight or little sight, or who is losing their sight.

We feel passionately that any social actions we take as charities are reflected in the living experience of visually impaired people. This is why we set up our Policy Group in 2022 which informs all of our policy and campaigns work so that the voice of blind and partially sighted people are heard by decision-makers. This is also why we are delivering, in collaboration with Visibility Scotland and Thomas Pocklington Trust, the first Sight Loss Councils in Scotland.

Policy group, and guide dog, facing the camera and smiling against a lime green wall.