Our ambition 

Sight loss causes isolation and significantly alters lives yet, less than one in three adults get help within the first year of their diagnosis. People with sight loss are at a higher risk of poor education, unemployment, mental health problems, loneliness and financial challenges for the rest of their lives. 

That’s why we’re here.  

We have an ambitious mission to reach everyone in Scotland with sight loss – where and when they need us.  

Our priorities

For more than two centuries, we’ve been supporting people in Scotland who are impacted by vision impairment. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved, but we want to do more. We will build on our rich history to create an organisation which is prepared for the future, and ready to respond to the needs of people impacted by vision loss. 


We’ve identified three key priorities which will help us tackle vision loss together: 


Venn diagram. In the centre is Tackling vision loss together. The three parts read: We make vision loss the priority it needs to be in Scotland. We help those impacted by vision loss to live well. We accelerate breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of vision loss.

An organisation that can deliver 

So that we’re ready to deliver on our priorities, we’ve also identified four enabling factors as part of our strategy: 

Our people and culture

To ensure our workforce is engaged and ready to meet the challenge ahead.

Financial sustainability

To ensure we’ll always be here to help.

Effective governance

To ensure we continue to make the right decisions to improve the lives of those impacted by vision loss.

Digital and data transformation

To modernise our infrastructure and becoming technical innovators and advocates. 


1. We make vision loss the priority it needs to be in Scotland

People with sight loss face barriers. Through our campaigning and policy work, we will highlight key issues and raise awareness of vision impairment and its impacts. We’ll put sight loss on the agenda for Scottish politicians and local authorities. 

Sight scotland our fair rail vision activity at scottish parliament team member holding campaign sign

2. We help those impacted by vision loss to live well 

We’re proud of the work we do in our services. Our colleagues bring expertise and knowledge which makes a huge and lasting impact for people with vision loss. We want to build on that work. We’ll design our services to respond to what people with vision loss need, now and in the future. And we’ll work with our partners and communities to empower people to live well.  

Freya Reilly playing keyboard with Music Teacher Louisa Leslie

3. We accelerate breakthroughs in the prevention and treatment of vision loss

Research into eye conditions is vital to prevent or slow down the onset of vision loss. We already fund ground-breaking research in this area – but we want to do more. We’ll create a model to help us fund more research and build a network across academia and other organisations.  


These priorities go hand in hand – we will link our research, campaign and policy work, and services so that they work together to change the lives of people with sight loss in Scotland.  

Sight Scotland SCONe conference event of panelists discussing the SCONe project to establish breakthroughs in detection and treatment of eye conditions

Our values 

Our three organisational values underpin this strategy, and all the work we do at Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans.

Transform Icon

We transform outcomes for people with sight loss 


Unite Icon

We connect with partners and communities to support more people

Thrive Icon

We care about those we work with and want them to flourish

Tackling vision loss together

Our sister charity Sight Scotland Veterans shares these priorities. Sight Scotland Veterans has also created a service strategy which sits under this one. 

Find out more about how they are supporting veterans across Scotland, on the Sight Scotland Veterans website.