When streets are accessible, it means they are easy for everyone to use.

Well-designed streets with accessible features such as tactile paving, audible signals, and clearly marked pavements and delineated cycle paths allow people with visual impairment to go about their lives safely and independently.

Sadly, too often this is not the case. From pavement parking, floating bus stops to poorly designed cycle paths - there’s lots of work to do.

Help us take action!


Write to your Councillor to upgrade death-trap junction.


The intersection of Telford Road, Hillhouse Road, and Strachan Road, despite being one of the busiest roads in the city, has no tactile paving, no revolving cones, no lightboxes in the crossing panel and no audible signals. The death-trap crossing is a danger zone for blind and partially sighted people. 

We're calling on the City of Edinburgh Council to fix the crossing immediately. Pedestrian safety must never be compromised.

Join our campaign by writing to your local Councillor calling for the junction to be upgraded urgently.