Sight Scotland supports people to learn or re-gain essential living skills following a diagnosis of sight loss. 

We're here for you

Living with sight loss can be challenging. Our team can provide the help and support you need so you can maintain your independence.  

We provide practical and emotional support, whether you have a newly diagnosed eye condition, a long-standing visual impairment or are a relative of someone living with sight loss – we want to help. 

    How we can help

    We are here to help you keep doing the everyday things that are important to you, develop essential skills to live safely at home, and to navigate the world with confidence.

    Our team has a wealth of knowledge to help support and empower you to regain or maintain your independence. We can:

    • Assess your vision and how this affects your daily life
    • Provide information about your sight loss to help you to understand how your condition affects you
    • Help you identify what specific challenges and practical difficulties you are experiencing
    • Assess your contrast and lighting needs inside your home and outdoors
    • Work with your family to help them gain an understanding of how you have been impacted by sight loss and provide you with some strategies to help.

    With your help, we can devise a vison rehabilitation programme which can include:

    • Helping you get around both indoors and outdoors
    • Maintaining or improving important daily living skills such as cooking and personal care
    • Providing one-to-one training in useful tech, like magnifiers and screen readers 
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    Get in touch

    Get in touch

    Get in touch with our rehabilitation team: call 0131 385 7488, email, or complete the below form and we'll be in touch. 

    To make a donation: call 0131 229 1456. 
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