Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland Visits Royal Blind School

Nicola Killean, Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland has praised Sight Scotland for not only upholding the rights of visually impaired children and young people, but also empowering them to know their own rights so they can shape their o

Meet Andrea: Helping to combat loneliness and isolation in Glasgow

Andrea Curro is our new Community Activity Assistant for Glasgow.

More Than Meets The Eye: Freya inspired to start speaking and singing

Freya has been inspired by music and song at the Royal Blind School to start speaking - something that her parents did not think was possible

We know that you are more than meets the eye

Sight Scotland has launched its new ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ campaign aimed at dispelling the negative perceptions of people living with sight loss across Scotland.

Sight Loss Charities Demand Urgent Action on Hazardous Edinburgh Junction

Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans have strongly criticized the City of Edinburgh Council for neglecting the safety of blind and partially sighted individuals at a perilous junction.

Road Safety - Prepare for bad weather in winter months

As we enter the darker, colder months, road safety for blind and partially sighted people becomes a lot more challenging.  It is much harder to locate places in the dark, and even the most familiar of routes can become confusing.

Charity launches new guide to improve bars and restaurants in enhancing accessibility for the visually impaired.

Sight Scotland is urging more restaurants and venues to ‘open their doors’ to the vision impaired.

Sight Scotland celebrates 230 years

We recently celebrated our 230th year anniversary with an event in the Grassmarket in Edinburgh. Over 120 people attended the event, which was a mix of celebrating the past but also looking forward to the future.

National Braille Week 2023 - Braille remains a vital resource

Sight Scotland’s National Braille Week is important as it helps to raise the profile of braille in wider society and allows people to see that it has not been replaced by advancements in technology but, rather, is a vibrant resource which allows seve

Ex Royal Blind School pupil feared falling in front of train

With no tactile paving, Samantha couldn't tell how close the platform edge was.

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Our new names

We are proud to announce the new names of our two sister charities and share why we changed our names. We’ve continually adapted to ensure we're there for people with sight loss, and will be there in the future too.

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About us

For 230 years, we have been supporting people with sight loss and blindness. We are one of Scotland's oldest charities and we're dedicated to empowering people with visual impairments to lead fulfilling lives.

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