Public Health Minister Maree Todd officially launches the national Sight Scotland Support Line

Public Health Minister Maree Todd has launched the new national Sight Scotland Support Line.

Sight Scotland Support Line: Agnes' story

Agnes was struggling with the impact of her sight loss until she reached out to Sight Scotland through the Sight Scotland Support Line.

Family Wellbeing Service: Charlie and Gail's story

When Charlie was diagnosed with macular degeneration, he and daughter Gail were unsure of the next steps. Gail reached out to Sight Scotland, and both dad and daughter are now supported by the Family Wellbeing Service.

Amanda's story

Amanda was diagnosed with Stargardt disease a condition which started impacting her sight in early adulthood.

Wilma's story

Wilma, who is blind, calls our Support Line for advice and emotional support.

Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans welcome new Scottish Government eye health website

A new Scottish Government website for people wanting to find our more about eye conditions and the support available for those living with visual impairment has been welcomed by Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans.

Angus's story

Angus attends an East Lothian high school and is supported by our QTVI specialist teachers.

Chief Executive of Scotland’s leading sight loss charities to move on after four successful years

Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans have announced that their Chief Executive is leaving to take up a new role in October after four years of challenge and success.

Sight for Sight summer: Celebrate your favourite Scottish sights with a fundraising challenge

With the pandemic making staycations a preferred option for many Scots this summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to take on a Sight for Sight fundraiser to support people with vision loss.

Q &A with a Rehabilitation Officer

Marie is passionate about helping people with sight loss. She is partially sighted herself and uses her expertise to help others regain their independence.

Home testing can help glaucoma patients, new study shows

Nearly 60,000 people in Scotland living with glaucoma could benefit from carrying out tests at home, a study funded by Sight Scotland and the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh has shown.

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Our new names

We are proud to announce the new names of our two sister charities and share why we changed our names. We’ve continually adapted to ensure we're there for people with sight loss, and will be there in the future too.

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About us

For more than 225 years, we have been supporting people with sight loss and blindness. We are one of Scotland's oldest charities and we're dedicated to empowering people with visual impairments to lead fulfilling lives.

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