Sight Scotland Veterans Stories

Road Safety - Prepare for bad weather in winter months

As we enter the darker, colder months, road safety for blind and partially sighted people becomes a lot more challenging.  It is much harder to locate places in the dark, and even the most familiar of routes can become confusing.

Why is Remembrance Day so important to our veterans?

Remembrance Day is a time to remember and reflect on all those people that gave their lives for our freedom today. It is a time to remember lost family and friends who gave up so much so we can live the lives we do today.

With sight loss you lose your independence and confidence

When Ally Reid started to lose his sight 23 years ago it seemed like his whole world had caved in. The former military mechanic went blind in his left eye and only had peripheral vision in his right.

Sight loss couldn’t stop Noreen from conquering the West Highland Way

In 2014, Noreen Smith lost most of her sight in her right eye. Three years later, despite injections for macular degeneration, her left eye also became severely limited.

5 most common emotional reactions to losing your eyesight

Losing your eyesight can feel like losing someone close to you. It may be hard to cope after being diagnosed with conditions like cataracts, glaucoma or age-related macular degeneration.

Transforming Linburn Walled Garden into a Therapy Hub for Veterans and Community

Sight Scotland Veterans has partnered with Cyrenians to revitalize the historic Walled Garden within its Linburn Centre in West Lothian, creating a therapeutic hub for veterans, families, and the local community.

Jazz pianist loving new text-to-speech equipment

Army veteran Fred Smith is a loving a new piece of equipment called a Hark Reader.

Sight Scotland Veterans Launch Bowling Team

Sight Scotland Veterans has launched a new lawn bowling team which will now compete in the Vision Impairment Bowling Scotland League (VIBS) with matches taking place all over Scotland.

Douglas Ross praises Sight Scotland Veterans during centre visit

Scottish conservative party leader praises Sight Scotland veterans during visit to charity's Hawkhead Centre

Andy's Story

Andy Lundie, a driver at our Hawkhead centre, shares his experience as a carer for his adult son. He’s one of many carers who work here at Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans.

Kiltwalk Veterans says thank you for life changing support

Tom Smith, aged 34 from Renfrewshire,  led his ‘Daredevils’ team on a 22.7 mile walk to say thanks for thanks for the life changing support they provide.

The Art of Combating Loneliness

Art Tutor at Hawkhead discuss how Art can help people with sight loss to communicate, connect and combat loneliness.

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