"Sight Scotland Veterans helps me meet friends and takes you to places you might not have gone before. The charity provides me with outings that open up one's horizons to various locations and experiences. Meeting and conversing with other people who have sight loss gives you some comfort in knowing that you're not alone."

- Jim, Royal Navy veteran, macular degeneration

No one should have to face sight loss alone. Sadly, veterans experiencing sight loss often tell us they have felt lonely or become isolated due to their visual impairment – particularly if they are older.

We understand the vital importance of social connections, and strive to bring people out of loneliness and social isolation. 

Whether it’s sharing experiences of sight loss or time in the Armed Forces, or a friendly chat about something else entirely, engaging with others can make a big difference. Our social opportunities are the perfect way to get out and about and make new connections.    

We know that by bringing veterans together with other veterans, we can break down fear and apprehension about life with sight loss. We provide opportunities to connect. Often, speaking to someone who has been through similar challenges can be reassuring. 


Two veterans chat together at Kirkcaldy lunch club

Veterans Sight Support Groups

Our Independent Living Workers and Rehabilitation Officers regularly facilitate group meet ups across Scotland, to provide support on living safely and independently.

Meet with other veterans who have sight loss, share experiences, tips for living well and hear from speakers. Meet ups generally run for a couple of hours and the structure and activities are decided by the group's veterans, such as seated games and quizzes. 

Our centres

We have two fully accessible activity hubs open to veterans that we support. These are ideal places to meet new friends as you try out new activities, regain hobbies and develop new skills. Find out more about the Linburn Centre and the Hawkhead Centre.

Get support to make new connections

Do you know a veteran with sight loss who'd like to meet some new faces? Complete our enquiry form and we'll give you or them a call shortly. 

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