Sight loss is a scary place to be. It can leave people feeling vulnerable and isolated.

But it needn’t be like that. With the right support things can be very different – which is where we come in.

We provide support to empower ex-service personnel affected by sight loss to regain confidence, restore independence and make new connections. 

Everything we do is personal. We make one-to-one connections and are generous with our time. People are listened to, not just heard. Treated as individuals and valued for who they are.

Our offer is as diverse as those we support. We know that everyone faces different challenges and that everyone’s goals are individual. That’s why our team work with everyone in the way which is right for them.

We give support that ranges from practical advice and identifying solutions that help you stay as independent as possible, to vital emotional support and opportunities to meet others facing sight loss.

Wherever you are, whatever you like to do, there's an option that’s right for you.

Two women walk and laugh together outdoors. The older lady on the left is holding a symbol cane and reaching out to the other lady

We've been around since 1915, and we'll be here to offer support across Scotland for as long as veterans of the Armed Forces need us.

You can help us to empower more veterans to overcome barriers. Do you know a veteran who is affected by sight loss?

Can we help you? 

Sight Scotland Veterans provides support to all veterans in Scotland who have sight loss, regardless of the cause. Sight impairment is to be interpreted as any veteran who feels they are currently struggling with their sight, or can expect to, following a diagnosis. 

We can also support you if you are caring for a veteran with sight loss, whether you're a family member or friend. 

We define veteran as someone who has served in the armed forces, specifically the Army, the Royal Air Force together with the RN Reserve, the TA and the RAF Reserve, and the Merchant Navy and Nursing Services when in active war service.

You must be a resident of Scotland to receive support from Sight Scotland Veterans.