Help us to give Royal Blind School pupils like Rocco the life-changing experience of walking with the help of an Innowalk Pro machine.

Read more below about how the Innowalk Pro could change a child's life.

"The Innowalk gives us hope for a better future for our boy.”

- Rocco's mum, Louise

Rocco, who has sight loss and Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, is wheelchair dependent and requires nursing care. He attends the Royal Blind School and lives at our residential care service four nights a week.

Now Rocco is getting older, the equipment he used as a child is no longer suitable.

Louise Wood, Rocco's mum, said: "Fortunately, there is specialist equipment that could change Rocco’s life forever."

The Innowalk Pro rehabilitation trainer is a motorised standing frame that enables a user to change their postural position. The Innowalk would support Rocco and his friends to experience walking and cycling movements safely and securely.

The Innowalk trainer will enable pupils at the Royal Blind School to exercise in a standing position which will result in lasting benefits and will minimise long-term pain and suffering.

Your donation will help children and young people at the Royal Blind School experience the magic of the Innowalk. 

Image is of the Innowalk Pro machine

Rocco and other pupils at the Royal Blind School were given the opportunity to trial an Innowalk. "Rocco was so happy and amazed with himself that he could actually stand and move his legs at the same time. He could feel what it is like to walk,” said Louise.

“As parents, we felt extremely proud and were bursting with pride in the way that Rocco took to using this equipment so quickly." 

Watch Rocco discover what it feels like to walk and cycle in our short video, as captured by Louise.

Louise said: "We were extremely sad when he had to come out of it, knowing that he would not have that same sensation – being able to walk or cycle – again, unless there was an Innowalk he could use every day.

“We can’t even begin to imagine how Rocco feels.”

We are appealing for donations to fund an Innowalk Pro machine for Rocco and his friends to use at the Royal Blind School. Every donation matters and will make a huge difference to the children and young people.

Your support would mean so much to Rocco and his parents, and other families like them.

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