Drummer takes the stage in Edinburgh

Feeling the beat in his bones, Angus absolutely adores playing drums. 

Now, the former Royal Blind School pupil is achieving his dreams, thanks to independent living skills he has learnt through Sight Scotland.  

Angus, 19, was born with a visual impairment and frequently travels independently from East Lothian to Edinburgh to play in a punk rock band – and he’s excited about their first live gig. 

I love playing drums. It’s loud and you can feel the beat of it – and it’s a really good feeling. 

- Angus

“Playing live in a band has been an ambition of mine for the past nine years,” Angus says. 

“In 2014, I was going to a youth club for blind people, and there was a drum kit in the hall which was quite battered. I sat down and started learning to play it. I did a lot of self-taught learning, and soon began lessons. 

“I love playing drums. It’s loud and you can feel the beat of it – and it’s a really good feeling”. 

Angus went to Ross High, a mainstream school, four days a week, and attended sessions at the Royal Blind School on Tuesdays. At the Royal Blind School, Angus learned music theory, in addition to IT skills, personal finance, and independent living skills such as cooking and mobility. 

Since finishing school, Angus has been working with Sight Scotland’s mobility team on increasing his independence, doing things like taking public transport. 

Now, Angus is taking buses to Pirate Studios in Edinburgh for band practice every Tuesday. 

“We have a lead, a rhythm and a bass guitarist, and I’m on drums. Our band is called ‘Shot Lock’ and we play metal punk rock. We’re writing 

our own music, but we also play songs by Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, Nirvana and Silverchair.  

“We just played our first gig on the on 18 January at Bannerman’s Bar in Edinburgh.” 

In addition to drums, Angus is keen to continue improving his public speaking. He was a keynote speaker at Sight Scotland’s 230th-anniversary celebration in October and delighted 120 guests with stories and jokes. 

Angus says: “I absolutely loved speaking at the event. I met loads of new people and spoke with many people I know. I really enjoyed it.” 

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Robert, stands in profile smiling and holding a microphone in front of Angus. Angus is stood next to Robert, facing the camera, talking to an audience.

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