We are encouraging all restaurants, cafés and venues to be more welcoming and accessible to people with visual impairment.

Often, there are just little changes that can make a huge difference to a customer with visual impairment,

We are offering a new advice guide called "Giving great service to customers with visual impairment".  This guide highlights simple ways venues can offer an exceptional experience. It is for waiters, waitresses and managers - or whoever is involved in hospitality and serving food and drink to customers.

You can download our guide below. 

Service user and a restaurant server chatting

Download our customer service guide here

Giving great customer service to customers with visual impairment.

Like anyone, someone impacted by vision impairment will love receiving great customer service and will return to venues where they enjoyed the experience.

Advice guide: "Giving great service to customers with visual impairment"

Our new guide can help your team offer an exceptional dining experience.

Topics include:

  1. Welcoming a customer with visual impairment

  2. Guiding to a seat

  3. Describing the menu

  4. Describe the table setting

  5. Serving drinks

  6. Serving a meal

  7. Paying the bill

  8. Getting ready to leave