Please note that as of October 2020, we now operate as Sight Scotland. Our former name, Royal Blind will appear in content, such as reports, produced before that date.

Royal Blind has lodged a planning application to demolish its head office building at Gillespie Crescent in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. This is to allow for the sale of the land once the charity headquarters have relocated to its new premises at Robertson Avenue, Edinburgh, in 2021.

The charity is relocating because the head office building at Gillespie Crescent is no longer fit for purpose. The Robertson Avenue building, which Royal Blind purchased in 2017, already provides office space for staff working at the charity’s Scottish Braille Press and will also be able to provide modern, open-plan office space of a suitable size for all headquarter staff.

The planning application is for demolition only and does not specify what the land can be used for. Demolition will not take place until all staff who work at the Gillespie Crescent building have relocated to Robertson Avenue, which is currently planned to take place by Spring 2021.