Jeanette Simon has been staying at Braeside House care home since March 2018.

Jeanette has glaucoma. Her vision became increasingly cloudy and she found it too hard to continue living at home in Corstorphine.

She says:  “It’s a very bad blur in front of your eyes.

“I can’t see faces, I can’t read and I can’t see the television properly.  It’s misty.” 

Braeside House care staff help Jeannette to take care of her eyes.

“Staff put drops in my eyes three times during the day, plus once before I go to sleep. If I don’t put these drops in, it causes my eyes to go dry.

“I’m blind, but not as blind as I would be without the drops.”

Jeanette says the care she receives at Braeside House is top quality.

“They have a big tablet screen here which I can make the writing very large on, so I can do crosswords with that.

“I like the quizzes, the talks and the concerts from different people who come here to play.  

“I don’t think you could get a better place than this.”