Jamie has boundless energy, so he loves making use of Forward Vision’s facilities.

Jamie is a resident at Morlich House, one of Forward Vision’s three residential care units for adults with vision impairments and additional complex needs.

As well as a visual impairment, Jamie has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Routine is very important to him.

To support his wants and needs, Residential Care Workers take Jamie to visit Forward Vision’s sensory garden and grounds almost every day.

He will often use his walker to visit the multi-use games area too.  At the games area, Jamie loves chasing a football kicked around by a staff member.

Jamie enjoys spending time in the water too.  Each week, residential care workers take Jamie to Forward Vision’s on-site hydrotherapy pool.  This is one of his favourite activities.

Forward Vision’s excellent facilities, as well as its qualified and committed staff, enable men like Jamie to do the activities they enjoy and to love the place they live.

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