In August 2023, a team of thirty colleagues from NatWest embarked on a day of volunteering at Sight Scotland Veterans’ Linburn Centre in West Lothian. The company’s goal was to contribute to the community and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

The main objective of the day was to rejuvenate an area of land within Linburn's walled garden. The volunteers removed weeds and cleared large area of space in preparation for a new garden area that veterans could both enjoy and help look after.

The volunteers who took part expressed great satisfaction with their experience. Keira Duncan, one of the participants, highlighted the positive team bonding that occurred throughout the day. Despite working in the same department, many team members did not know each other well previously, making the volunteering day an excellent chance to connect.

Keira said, "It was a great opportunity to mix and get to know one another as a team. My main memory of the day was that amazing feeling we had at the end when we could clearly see difference we had made together. The team had worked hard so it was rewarding, definitely a sense of accomplishment. My other main memory is the fantastic weather we had that day!"

When asked why her team chose Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans, Keira explained that several team members had previously engaged in corporate volunteering with Sight Scotland’s Royal Blind School. The positive experiences from that day made choosing Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans an easy decision for NatWest.

Keira said, "I’d definitely recommend Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans to others for corporate volunteering days. In fact, we’ve already shared the charities’ details within our wider department for any other teams looking for opportunities to make a difference."

The NatWest team left with a sense of accomplishment and have expressed interest in supporting Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans again. Keira said, "We hope to come back and volunteer again in the future, and I’d love to see what the walled garden looks like now!"

NatWest's corporate volunteering day at The Linburn Centre not only achieved its goal of making a meaningful contribution to a worthwhile cause but also fostered unity within their team and left a lasting positive impression on the volunteers who took part. Veterans continue to enjoy their stunning new walled garden to this day.

NatWest Volunteer group

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