Sight Scotland is hugely grateful to all support from donors provided throughout the Coronavirus pandemic.

Hawys Kilday, Sight Scotland's Director of Services, says donors have made a huge difference. 

“We continue to be grateful for the support we’ve had and for families trusting us to provide the best care for their loved ones,” Hawys says.

“The support our key workers have received from donors has made a huge impact on how we have got through this crisis and I give my heartfelt thanks to all of them.”

Weekly Coronavirus testing of all care service staff has continued since June, Hawys says.

“Weekly tests have reduced the risk of someone being an asymptomatic carrier of the virus and not realising it. This has given the staff a lot of confidence,” Hawys says.

“Staff are willingly being tested and coming in on their days off work to get that done because they know how important it is.”

Since June, outdoor visits from family members to those in our care have been facilitated at a safe social distance, as per Scottish Government guidelines.

Jan Thomson, Residential and Care Services Manager for Children, Young People and Adults, says family visits have been very emotional.

She says: “There have been a lot of tears. Some people have been bringing storybooks to read to their relative, or music to listen to together. It’s difficult because families are still not allowed to cuddle or touch their loved one which is really difficult for everyone. However, residential staff have to ensure a social distance is maintained to keep everyone safe.”

Simon, Senior Residential Care Worker at Forward Vision

Simon Pearce-Madge, Senior Residential Care Worker, says outdoor drumming sessions, gardening, water gun battles, mindfulness sessions and a socially-distanced disco at Forward Vision have all kept spirits up.

“We’ve also done sessions making ‘hug cards’, which extend two arms in a hug as you open the card.

“We sent these out and have received a heart-warming response from families: loads of emails and letters, plus cakes, biscuits, sweet hampers and weekly donation of fresh sausages.”

Janet Bauld, Sarah Wood, Katrina Valente from Forward Vision's Catrin team