Engaging in sports and activities is important for everyone, regardless of their age or disability. It improves both physical and mental health, boosts confidence and just makes people feel better about themselves.

At Sight Scotland Veterans, we do not see visual impairment as a barrier to sport and we want to show everyone what is possible; whether that is playing bowls, golf, archery the list goes on and on.

Regular physical activity is an important part of living well. People who lead an active lifestyle are more likely to live longer. Physical exercise builds up both your physical and mental strength and makes everyone feel better.

Monthly Spotlight

People with visual impairment can lose their confidence, self-esteem, and feel isolated and alone. Taking part in sports and activities helps combat this and provides the opportunity to interact with others, meet new people, and even make new friends.

“I am not a great bowler, but everyone has been helping me, including players from the other teams, and I can feel myself getting better already. It has been great fun, and it is just nice to be out in the fresh air, meeting new people and having fun.”

Jason Duncan, Sight Scotland Veterans Community Lead: “Bowling is a fantastic sport for our veterans to get involved in as all ages can play and enjoy it. It is great for their independence, mobility, fitness and is very social.” 

Sight Scotland Veterans is organising sports and activities all over Scotland. We can help veterans try sports they never imagined playing due to their sight loss.

Veterans bowling team

We can organise sporting activities in your local area and are always open to suggestions of what our members would like to do. Our team can find suitable local classes and sporting activities so you can stay active and enjoy all the benefits of sport.


Interested in trying a new sport?

We support all veterans with sight loss to get involved in sporting activities, whether it's taking up an old hobby or trying something new.