Maw Broon's Remedies (Braille)


Maw Broon's Remedies' is a peek inside Number 10 Glebe Street, with what Maw Broon has used successfully to treat family ailments over the years. Bicarb, vinegar, lemon, and lavender, alkaline or acid? Can you relieve a wasp sting? Can you remove a wine stain?

Can you stop snoring? Can you cure a hangover? How do you get rid of moths? Can you reduce a double chin? Can you build up your arms without joining a gym? Could you look younger and better? Can you detox? Can you make your own natural beauty treatments on a shoestring (and eat the bits you don t use for lunch)? Yes, you can. Maw Broon's new book has over 1000 remedies and ideas to help get you through life's little strains and tests with a smile. So whether you have aching arches or gowpin gums, or you just need a way to make some thoughtful natural Christmas presents on a budget that folk will love, Maw Broon's Remedies an Suchlike is the one.

SEB - 3 Volumes

Maw Broon's Remedies