The Broons' Book O' Gairdenin' Wisdoms


This book is the ideal spring purchase. If you ve never gardened, or known how to or you just need a touch of inspiration to get back out there, or plant a bulb in your kitchen, The Broons Gairdenin Wisdoms is the perfect guide. 

It iss true most of Granpaw's advice is given when he is leaning on a spade, or relaxing in his armchair in his shed, but this book includes:

  • the gardening year
  • how and what to grow on allotments/dark tenement stairs and flats
  • advice on flowers, vegetables, compost, medicinal plants.

Decorated with the wit and wisdom of granpaw's column from The Auchentogle Bugle, and regular news from the local Allotment Association. When Granpaw Broon is not sure what to do next in his garden, he 'asks Thomson' - his favourite gardening bible. In this book, Granpaw and Paw give their thoughts on how to grow in allotments, window boxes, hanging baskets, container gardens. They also discuss how to grow garden plants as well as finding that plant for a dark stair, with lots of reference and reproduction from 'Thomson's Gardening Assistant'.

SEB - 4 Volumes

The Broons' Book O' Gairdenin' Wisdoms