Meet Colin

Colin Hilditch has been Head of Community Services for Sight Scotland since 2020. He leads a team of 16 people and is responsible for the delivery of both Sight Scotland’s Family Wellbeing and Rehabilitation and Mobility Services.

Meet Emma

Emma Hope is a Community Worker at Sight Scotland. Emma says she loves the positive impact her work has on people’s lives.

Glaucoma, what are the signs, symptoms and treatments?

Glaucoma is a group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve. You can learn more about Claucoma here.

Meet Debbie

Debbie McGregor is a Community Worker in the Family Wellbeing Team at Sight Scotland. Debbie, who is based in Edinburgh, was part of the initial team of three when the service was first opened in October 2020.

Why free rail travel matters to visually impaired people

In Scotland, there is currently free travel for those with a Blind Persons Card for buses but not for rail travel.

Scottish Parliament Debates Fair Rail Campaign

Sight Scotland, and Sight Scotland Veterans, are calling on MSPs to back its Fair Rail Campaign after it was debated in the chamber on 13 December 2022.

Former Royal Blind School pupil going on work experience

Angus Dixon is travelling by himself to work experience, using skills he learnt at the Royal Blind School.

Supporting people in the west of Scotland

Laura is our Community Worker based in Paisley, who has been helping residents of Glasgow City, Renfrewshire and North and South Lanarkshire since April 2021.

Making a great contribution with the Edinburgh Kiltwalk

Thanks to the amazing fundraisers who took on the Edinbugh Kiltwalk, we now have enough funds to purchase a new Innowalk machine for children at the Royal Blind School to use!

Sight Scotland Redress Statement

Sight Scotland Redress Scotland statement.

Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland veterans launch Fair Rail Vision petition

Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans highlight rail challenges as the charities launch their petition for a new national policy in Scotland for free rail travel for visually impaired people and their travel companions.

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