At Sight Scotland and Sight Scotland Veterans, we get that sight loss can be scary. If you're looking for guidance for yourself, or want to know more about how to support someone with sight loss or blindness, we are here to help.
Find information about sight loss, including advice to help with the different ways sight loss can impact on your life. 

Information and Advice

How can mindfulness help people with visual impairment?

How mindfulness benefits blind and partially sighted veterans at Sight Scotland Veterans' Hawkhead Centre.

How do I help my relative or friend cope with their sight loss?

As a relative, carer or friend, how do you help your loved one cope with losing their sight?

How Rebound Therapy supports young people with complex needs

How Rebound Therapy using trampolines helps support young people with complex needs. Sight Scotland.

How Royal Blind School pupils use BrailleNote devices for word processing and emails

How Royal Blind School pupils use BrailleNote devices for word processing and emails.

How to be a sighted guide for a young person with visual impairment

This video is an introduction to guiding a young person with a visual impairment.

How to create sensory story resources for pupils with visual impairment

Multi-sensory stories are a great way for people with multiple disabilities and visual impairment to learn and to interact with stories.

How to create tactile graphics

This video shows how to create tactile graphics using a printer and a heat fusing machine. This video is for educators and Qualified Teachers of the Visually Impaired.

How to iron safely

Clothing care is an important life skill that may be overlooked when people with visual impairment are growing up. In this video, a pupil with visual impairment demonstrates how to use an iron safely.

How to make a cheese sandwich

In this video, we demonstrate how to teach a young person with visual impairment to make a toasted cheese sandwich safely.

How to make velcro boards for braille learners

In this video, Science Teacher Anna Christal discusses how to use velcro boards to support children's learning.

How to organise the kitchen to make cooking easier for people with visual impairment

This video demonstrates how to organise the kitchen area to enable a person with a visual impairment to easily locate items and cook a meal.

How to sew on a button

In this video, we give advice on how a person with a visual impairment can sew a button on to a piece of cloth.

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