What is included at a Sight Scotland care home?

Full-time nursing care and accommodation, daily activities, all meals, home baking, tea and coffee and laundry are all included in the care home fee.

We will ensure a balanced and nutritious menu is available for you and provide you with a choice of menu for breakfast, lunch and evening meal which will accommodate your dietary needs and, as far as practicable, your personal preferences.

Snacks and drinks are available throughout the day and night. Within the care home you will have  your own bedroom, and a range of communal areas, gardens and outdoor space. 

Optional extras

We can arrange the following extra services in addition to those covered by the fee for care and accommodation. We will advise you of their cost beforehand: 

  • Hairdressing
  • aromatherapy massage
  • newspapers
  • beautician appointments
  • dry cleaning
  • transport/accompaniment to medical appointments. 
Jenny's Well residents enjoy plenty of healthy food

Privately funded places 

Our financial year operates from 1 April to 31 March and fees are reviewed annually. All fees are payable a month in advance. If you are funding your own care, you can apply to social work for a free personal care allowance.

If you are admitted to hospital and you are in receipt of Free Personal and/or Nursing Care payments, you shall be entitled to continue to receive this for the first 14 days, after which you shall be required to pay the full weekly fee thereafter. Upon your discharge from hospital your entitlement to Free Personal and/or Nursing Care shall normally be reinstated by the council.

Residents who are privately funded will receive a reduction of 10% in fees after the first week of any hospitalisation or holiday period.

Local authority funded places

Fees paid by local authorities must be at the nursing care rate and not the residential rate. At present, we do not charge top up fees where there is local authority funding.

To apply for local authority funding for a nursing care place, an application needs to be made to the local authority which will be put to a panel for a decision.

Find out more about funding places in a care home on the Care Information Scotland website. If you are admitted to hospital, we will keep your room for six weeks. Subject to agreement between the Council and ourselves, this period will be extended if necessary. 

Jenny's Well hallway

Cancellation terms

Throughout the duration of your initial four weeks in the care home, you or your representative may cancel your placement by giving seven days’ notice. After your trial period, you and/or your representative may cancel this agreement for any reason by giving 14 days’ written notice to both the council and to us. 

Trial period 

The first four weeks of your stay will be regarded as a trial period to ensure that the care home is suitable for you. This period may be extended by agreement between you, us and the council to allow further consideration of your care needs.


Sight Scotland has public liability insurance and other insurances relevant to the provision of care. However, personal possessions and money are not covered by the organisation’s insurance and any cover required must be arranged individually. We are not able to store valuables.


It is advisable not to have large amounts of cash and we are unable to take responsibility for it. A small cash float may be retained on your behalf by the Administrative Assistant for incidental expenses with the agreement of you and your representative.

Payment of fees 

The weekly fee is detailed in the individual placement agreement issued to you by the local authority. This sets out the amount of the contribution you are required to pay as determined by a financial assessment by the council. Any changes in your contribution will be notified to you by the council.

Payments are taken four weeks in advance. If the timing of your Department for Works and Pensions benefits payments prevents you from being able to meet the arrangements, we shall be pleased to arrange an alternative plan with you and your Care Manager.

Are there additional charges?

There is no additional service charge over and above the agreed rate for the cost of your care and accommodation.
Please contact us if you have a question regarding admissions and fees.

Key information

We encourage families and residents to participate in any decisions affecting the care delivered at our care homes. Policy changes and future plans are discussed openly using all available forms of communication.

You are welcome to bring your own personal items that help make it feel like a home - a favourite cushion, bedcover, picture or chair. Unfortunately, due to fire regulations, residents cannot bring their own curtains or any upholstered chair manufactured before 1992.

We actively encourage the social interaction that eating together can bring, but you are welcome to dine in your room if you prefer.

Yes, of course. Please let staff know that you have left the building. We also have family rooms available that can be pre-booked for private family events.

While we welcome pets who are under close supervision to visit our care homes, family pets are unfortunately unable to stay permanently due to safety concerns as well as the consideration of the overall community.

Yes. Please let us know you are planning to go out so we can provide appropriate support if you need it. We have transport which is used to facilitate outings to shops, theatre etc.

We have a no smoking policy within our care homes. Staff can assist you to smoke outside of the building.

No, you can choose your own routine and staff will be flexible to accommodate your needs.

Visitors are welcome at any time. Visitors are asked to sign in and out of the home for fire evacuation purposes.

If your GP agrees, we are happy for you to retain their services.

We have a visitors' room that can be used by families and friends at times of need, such as illness.

Children are welcome. Please ensure they are supervised during the visit.

All electrical equipment will be tested once you come into one of our care homes and annually thereafter.

We have male and female carers on our staff and we will accommodate this as much as possible. All of our staff approach care in a sensitive manner.

We would recommend that you retain the service of your own dentist if at all possible. If you do not have access to a dentist or are unable to attend the surgery we have access to the domiciliary dental service.

Every room has a large button telephone, and a personal telephone number that can be dialled directly. There is no charge for this service. There is a television point in each room but you would have to bring your own television.

Yes, there is free wifi access in all areas.

If you have a visual impairment that impacts on your daily living, we are happy to speak to you about admission.

We recommend that you have personal insurance in place for any items of value that you bring in with you.

We encourage you to continue with your interests if you are still able to. Within our care homes we have dedicated activity staff who organise various recreational activities – both group and one to one – to suit each individual’s needs.

We would hope that you would speak to us about any concerns in the first instance. Staff are happy to discuss any suggestions or deal with any complaints in line with Royal Blind policy.

At this point, contact the local authority's Social Care Direct for a financial reassessment. Your care or accommodation will never change depending on funding sources. Your care home manager will be able to help you with this.

As there is 24-hour nursing care provided we have the necessary skills and expertise to continue to care for you at our homes. We take the earliest opportunity to discuss your future wishes and work closely with you and your family as well as the GP to ensure that, where possible, these wishes are met.