Thousands of people living with sight loss have no one they can turn to for help through diagnosis or their most difficult times.

Help Sight Scotland be the someone they can turn to.

Amanda's Story

At just 26, Amanda was losing her sight. She had been diagnosed with a rare eye condition called Stargardt disease. There’s no treatment and no cure. Faced with a lifetime of sight loss, Amanda was terrified. She wasn’t just worried for herself. She was also anxious at the thought of how she would cope as a parent. 

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Before, I was in a mess. I felt really low and I was panicking.  It’s a hard thing to rely on other people because I’m so independent.

Now I know I have options, and someone there to help and support me.

- Amanda

Amanda's Story

Today in Scotland, there are over 180,000 people like Amanda who have significant sight loss. Facing this alone can make people feel vulnerable, isolated and scared.

Every single person should have someone to turn to. Donate today to help us be there for them.

Meet Debbie

Debbie is part of the Family Wellbeing team at Sight Scotland. Our goal is to provide everyone like Amanda with someone like her. Someone who can help them tackle the challenges of sight loss. It could be difficulties accessing work. Or being unable to cook dinner. Or being afraid to step beyond the front door.

Donate today.

Amanda and I have got to know each other so well over recent months. Whenever she needs practical help or a shoulder to cry on, I’m there. She knows that, as her sight worsens, if she needs rehabilitation or equipment, she can call me and I’ll sort it.

She’s not going through this alone.

- Debbie, Sight Scotland

Sight loss can be a scary place to be. But with the right help, life can be very different. Your donation today could help give someone vital support from our Family Wellbeing team. 

Just as thousands of people with sight loss turn to us, we're turning to you today.


£12 - could help us produce expert advice guides for someone who is losing their sight in a format that is accessible to them


£22 - could provide specialist training to our team of befriending volunteers, so even more people with sight loss have someone to turn to


£54 - could provide a family member or person with sight loss with three hours of support from a community worker, like Debbie

Give everyone with sight loss someone to turn to

Frequently Asked Questions

Your donation will qualify as long as you have paid at least as much Income Tax or Capital Gains Tax as the amount of Gift Aid the charity will claim on your donation.  You must inform the charity if you stop paying enough tax or if you want to cancel your declaration. Find out more on the UK Government’s website.

You are entitled to cancel your declaration at any time. You need to let us know that you want to cancel the declaration. You can call us on 0131 446 3089 or email us at

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